Snack Machines


nullAzkoyen Palma H

The Azkoyen Palma-H87 snack vending machine offers every opportunity to tailor the product selection to the particular needs of specific sites through its fully adjustable shelving, wide range of spirals and a programmable thermostatic control system. The Palma H87 with its larger capacity is ideal for sites where a greater product variety is required. 

Features Include;

  • Curved glass front and lit product display attracts attention and maximises impulse buys
  • Versatile spiral configuration and tilting trays for easy loading means minimum time needed to install and operate.
  • Own diagnostic system.
  • Clear lit alphanumeric display.
  • Easy access to critical components.
  • Flexible in choice of coin mechanism and payment system.

nullAutomatic Products Premier Series

The Premier series consist of a range of machines suitable for large site locations to offer a maximum product variety.

Features Include;

  • Efficient and reliable with an attractive 'Euro' styling
  • Well lit interior for easier use
  • Programming can be configured to suit your requirements.
  • Three different sizes to suit any location
  • Dual spirals to allow for more efficient vending


Drink Machines


nullAzkoyen Palma B

The Palma B9 drink vending machine has 9 selections and holds the largest capacity of cold can beverages in the Azkoyen cold drink vending machine range. It's also more adaptable with its universal extraction system developed for Cans, Glass or PET bottles.

Features Include;

  • Large lit product display panel with eye catching design.
  • Convenience product case support and simple programming.
  • Easy to change product and price decals.
  • Own diagnostic system and clearly lit alphanumeric display.
  • Flexibility in choice of coin mechanism or payment system.

nullRoyal Vission Vendor

The Royal Vission Vendor is an energy star compliant vending machine with a revolutionary glass front design.

Features Include;

  • Efficient and reliable with a capacity to hold a large variety of drinks.
  • Electronic refrigeration
  • Easy operator use and clearly lit selections.
  • Five shelves which pull out for easier loading.


Combination Machines


nullAzkoyen Palma M

Our combination vending machines deliver high end features plus enormous capacity.

Features Include;

  • Industry leading Golden Eye product detection system.
  • Easy to use and communicates clearly to customers.
  • Multiple conservation modes which help conserve power and save money.
  • A new and improved delivery bin with a deeper capacity making product retrieval easier.
  • Superior shelf design and lighting, provides easier identification.

nullAutomatic Products Ultraflex

The Automatic Products Ultraflex enables product diversity with a capacity to hold a large variety of both drinks and snacks.

Features Include;

  • Fits a variety of sized products from cans, bottles, jars.
  • Environmentally friendly LED lights
  • Attractive exterior
  • Significantly reduced running costs


Hot Beverage Machines


nullAzkoyen Veneto

The Azkoyen Veneto is one of the largest and best coffee machines available. With this 'State of the Art' Espresso Coffee Machine you can count on quality coffee and hot beverages every time.

Features Include;

  • Fully automatic machine.
  • Large lit display panel to capture impulse purchases.
  • Versatile payment systems, including coin mechanisms,note acceptors and card systems.
  • Large variety of hot beverages available, including instant soup.
  • Easy to operate with clearly lit selection buttons.
  • Easy to keep clean and also has a self clean program.
  • Programming can be configured to suit your requirements.

nullAzkoyen City

The City LE is a stand alone Espresso coffee vending machine It is great for environments where a larger cup capacity would be required.

Features Include;

  • Easy to operate.
  • Variety of product with 18 hot beverage selections.
  • Fully automatic machine with the ability to use your own cup.
  • Easy for the operator to keep clean on a weekly basis.
  • Self clean programmed to keep all tubing clean.
  • Simple programming system.
  • Consistently high quality and reliability to ensure a satisfying hot beverage every time.


nullFrozen Food Machine


Automatic Products Ala Carte

The Ala Carte system leads the way in frozen/refrigerated vending. With an attractive glass front design this machine can vend a variety of products ranging from ice cream novelties, frozen meals to refrigerated foods.

Features Include;

  • Glass front design enabling easier selection for consumers
  • Large capacity to ensure a variety of products
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Variable temperature control adjustable to what products you chose to merchandise



Extra Coffee Services - Break Room / Office Tea Points

AVS also offer a 'Tea point' service as an alternative to Coffee Vending machines for those offices that are seeking a more compact coffee service for their premises.
AVS will install ingredient dispenser units (picture attached) into all your break rooms which will continuously supply your staff with:
  • Nescafe Coffee
  • Instant Tea
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Hot Chocolate/ Milo
  • Stirrers
  • Cups
AVS will ensure the daily supply, delivery and placement of all products in the dispensing units as well as maintain the overall cleanliness of the unit and nearby surfaces.
Invoicing is completed on a weekly or monthly basis and covers service and product usage costs for this period.